Hanna Witte

About small and big journeys, pleasure of exploring and people

Today photographer Hanna Witte lives with her family in Cologne. One day immediately after her studies in photo design she moved from the Ruhr area to the Rhineland. A small journey but two different worlds. Both mentalities suit her. The honesty and straightforwardness of the Ruhr area as much as the happiness and coolness  of  the  carnival stronghold. Whenever she needs a time out you find Hanna Witte on the yoga mat – she practises yoga for more than 14 years. She loves cooking and the mountains. The small journey from the Ruhr area to the Rhineland turned into many journeys. Canada, Croatia, India, England, Morocco, Austria, from the Amazon to Ecuador: The curiosity, the pleasure of exploring is her motivator. Wether privately or professionally. Till today the main focus of her work is on reportage and portrait photography. Why? Hanna Witte likes people. The way they are. She enjoys to get a glimpse of processes or companies and their employees through a firm portrait, to understand how they work and to see the world from their perspective. Thereby she discovers the most incredible things and people during her photo reportages. Once she takes photos on a farm, the next time in an IT-firm and then she spends a whole day in a house for dementia patients. The next day she shoots in a sewer system, a company portrait in a law firm or or a hospital. She likes to tell stories with pictures and is pleased when firms or organisations feel reflected with what makes them special. It is important for Hanna Witte to create something with value and emotions.