If I’m still full of energy and positive vibes after taking pictures all day long for a whole weekend, it can only mean one thing: I was at the Yoga Conference Germany in Cologne. This time the theme for the event was “wild at heart” – how convenient! Amazing yoga teachers like Meghan Currie, Twee Merrigan, Dylan Werner, Patrick Broome, Cameron & Melayne Shayne and many more offered interesting workshops, that went far beyond yoga. “The original Power Yoga” course from Bryan Kest, who took part at the conference for the incredible 13th time, was very impressing. His words about self-acceptance and a healthy mind as the foundation for a healthy body were so inspiring. At the end there was a beautiful Yin hour by Ranja Weis. For the traditional closing ceremony everyone came together and celebrated a festival full of music and friendship. Unfortunately as always the weekend was over too soon, but I’m looking forward to next year.
You can find pictures from recent events here: Yoga Conference 2016 and Yoga Conference 2015.