Advertising photography with children always comes with a good mood and lots of energy. Also they are refreshingly honest and unfiltered. Wether they think something is good or stupid they let the photographer know outright. Especially at commercial shootings with more than one child you have to concentrate on the point and be spontaneous, because the good situations often  pass by as quickly as they come. I also like to take the cildrens input in mind. Since putting them in staged setups and overwhelming them with lots of directions is counterproductive.

You most likely get natural and authentic advertising photos of children when they can be themselves and move around freely. Thereby you often get great images you could not have planned before. Little tricks for the work with kids are for example to go outside, get some fresh air and let them play, fit some toys or art supplies into the shooting or to always have some sweets in your pocket.

In addition I prefer to work to work with daylight, because a huge constructed studio light can scare the children and create an unnatural situation. Of course you also need a lot of patience, because advertising photography with children doesn’t proceed as quickly and structured as it does with adults. But the advantage is, that children unlike grown ups don’t have any self-doubts and insecurities. As adults overthink too much and have a hard time letting go in front oft he camera, children don’t hold back. That is why it is always a great experience for me to photograph kids, because although it is challenging it is also a lot of fun.

I was able to work for different clients and organisations in the field of advertising, education and nutrition. The commercial and portrait photos were used for example for websites, flyers or advertisement campaigns.