I need portrait pictures – what comes next?

You can use portrait pictures for example for websites, image brochures, flyers or press photos. Normally they are incorporated into existing concepts. If that is the case and there are already drafts and layouts, you can send them to me so I can get an idea wether you need portrait or landscape formats or which colour patterns prevail. This way the pictures will fit perfectly to the remaining design. If there is no concept yet, we discuss formats, style and colours regardless of that.

Where do you take the pictures?

Generally there are three different options:

In the studio
Portrait pictures in a studio are more neutral, light and have a one coloured Background. With the inclusion of for example windows, stairs and similar things it is easy to create a business impression.

At your place
I gladly come to your place to take the pictures on-site. If it is a room, it should be representative for your company and should have something to do with your profession. The room should at least be 20qm large, bright, tidy and have the right amount of daylight. When no room of your own is available, conference rooms or hallways are also suitable for the shooting. You can gladly send me pictures of the room in advance so we can discuss wether it suits or not.

Outside or in other locations
Taking pictures outside is a good alternative. Good places for photos with a business appeal are for example the Rheinau-Hafen or the Medienhafen. Often pictures with regard  to nature or in the country are a good option as well. The location choice also depends on your profession. Another possibility could be to take the pictures in other company buildings like a production hall or to rent rooms, when your own rooms are not representable. I like to help you with with the decision, which rooms are the most suitable or the search for the right location.
Portrait shootings start from 450,00 Euro up.
Here is a small excerpt of my work in the field of portrait photography: