One advantage of my diversified work routine is that I always gain an insight in procedures from different kinds of companies and their employees, when I’m booked for company portraits or business photography. I try to understand how they work and to see the world from their point of view. Thereby I get to know the most incredible things and people.

Such as with my industry photography for the company Bartscherer & Co Recycling GmbH. The firm with its place of business in Berlin Reinickendorf employs approx. 160 workers and is a disposal specialised company for waste paper as well as further secondary raw materials like plastic, wood, foils and scrap.

With my business and advertising photography I want to catch the respective atmosphere of the company and show the employees in authentic situations. This was an exciting challenge at the company area, which is more than 40.000 square meters large. Especially as most of the remits take place outside. There it’s often loud, dirty and the weather conditions are changeable. Naturally in this case much planning wasn’t possible and I had to gain an impression on-site what could be the best motifs. Also people can’t stop working because of me and I have to try to unobtrusively blend in with the operating procedures. But this is what my business photography is all about. I want to show the people behind the company – emotional and personal. In my opinion the best pictures develop when I can observe the employees at their different operation sites doing their daily duties. The staff members feel most comfortable in their familiar surroundings and the results are natural company portraits.

The dimensions and spaciousness of the work areas of the company Bartscherer & Co. Recycling GmbH we wanted to show in the industry images were an interesting contrast to the „classic“ work in a photo studio and required improvisation, spontaneity, perseverance and adaptability from me. The huge machines and the different recycling processes were very impressive and the whole day were an exciting look behind the scenes.

This work is a result of a cooperation with Angela Elbing Photography.