Why is your focus on people & portrait photography?

Simply put because I like people. I like diving into their world and show them with all their beauty just the way they are. For me authentic portrait photography is the proximity to a person, their personality and individuality. I want the pictures we created together not to be interchangeable or staged, but natural and close. That is very important to me.

The biggest challenge is always to help the person I want to portrait to overcome their inner resistance. Because usually my clients are very nervous at the beginning of a photo shoot. The whole situation  seems weird to them and they feel uncomfortable. But this is completely normal. I try to convey them, that once you accept that feeling, it is much easier to handle it. Noboy, who is not in front of a camera on a daily basis, is immadiately relaxed and laid-back. After all it is not a day to day situation to pose infront of a camera.

Furthermore some people have to deal with their own prejudices against themselves. Insecurities about their looks and their shape inhibit them. Though in my opinion every person has something special about them, that is unique and that I can showcase with my portrait photos. In my experience the best pictures of a portrait shoot are the ones we made in the end. Because then people adjusted themselves to the situation and are able to open up. This is why I start with some relaxed images to find out how the person feels most comfortable. Taking pictures of people in their familiar surroundings like their workplace is very helpful. When they are in their element the tension falls off. I also try to work a lot with daylight and less with huge setups to make the situation more natural.

Here is a little excerpt of my people and portrait photography from advertising photography, yoga photography, image photography and company & business photography. Some of the portrait photos were taken in my photo studio in Cologne.