The word gratitude easily sounds like a calendar motto. But it pretty much describes the feeling I had during my journey to The Groove Yoga Festival in Ontario, Canada. I am just indescribably happy to have such an amazing job that gives me the opportunity to meet lovely people and travel the world.

The festival was affected by a familiar atmosphere. But the organizers Liz and Roland weren’t the only ones who put their heart and soul and of course a lot of work in creating this fantastic weekend. Also Liz parents supported them tremendously. They all live together on a little farm near Kingston. In the evening everyone including all the yoga teachers had dinner together in the Huntlys living room. The calmness and peace this spot exudes is simply beautiful.

The yoga courses and concerts took place in an old, charming barn and in a tent outside on a lawn. A huge highlight was definitely the soundbath with East Forrest. The attendees were able to camp on the festival ground and didn’t let a few raindrops spoil their mood.

To feel welcome and being among friends at a place so far away from home, leaves me with a warm feeling and the joy of being involved in this remarkable event.