Photographer Cologne: Focus on the person in portrait and business photography

Hanna Wittes pictures stand for humanity, emotions and proximity. That’s why she specialized on portrait photography and photo reportages. Because here the focus is on people, their lives and surroundings –whether it’s in a private or professional situation. The emphasis of her work is on business photography and company portraits, social issues and yoga photography. She is happy to show companies and organizations from their own point of view and the world from their perspective. In portrait photography it is important for her to display with her pictures the aspects of people and firms that make them special. Essential for her is to create something with value for her clients. Every new job, every new company or organization is an adventure for her, a positive challenge, a snapshot of he world we live in. As a photographer she is resident in Cologne, but she is working worldwide. Are you interested in a joint adventure? It is best immediate in a personal contact!


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Photographer Cologne: Hanna Witte

portrait and reportage photographer Hanna Witte from Cologne

„I like honest photography. I prefer to express feelings rather through pictures than through words and I help my clients to do exactly the same: Expressing the emotion, the intention, everything, that moves them everyday through company portraits. My business photography style has little to do with a fake and sleek world of advertising, but more with natural and spontaneous emotions. Preferably I like firms to give me a look behind the scenes, let them show me how they work and what they produce. Capturing their colorful and individual world with a photo report, sometimes even with quiet pictures, pleases me. I rarely work with size zero models, but rather with real people who let me discover their life story. Geographically my location is the Rhineland. Here is the centre of my life – as a person and as a photographer: Cologne is the starting point for every new and exciting project since seven years.

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